5-Star Program Rules


  • Never load the gun on the trap range until it is your turn to shoot.
  • Always carry the gun pointed in a safe direction, unloaded and with the breech open.
  • Gun must be unloaded and pointed in a safe direction when changing stations.
  • Never rest the barrel of the gun on your toe.
  • Always wear ear and eye protection.
  • In the event of a gun malfunction keep the gun pointed downrange and raise your hand for help.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance in all shooting sports. If anyone, junior or adult, is seen doing anything unsafe at any shoot they will be told to leave and will lose the privilege to participate further.


  • Turn to your right when leaving post 5 to avoid the shooter coming from post 4.
  • Use a shell catcher on semi-automatic shotguns to avoid hitting others with ejected shells.
  • No unnecessary conversation on the line.
  • Be courteous.

The definition of “Youth” will be any person over the age of 9 but below the age of 19.

Their age will be their attained age as of the day of the first shoot in the series.
The participants will compete in categories as defined by age and ability. Each shooter will be placed in the proper category at the beginning of the series. A shooter’s category may change during the series as defined under the handicapping rules.
The handicap committee will use any and all information available, including, but not limited to, age, ATA scores, prior series scores and known ability to classify each participant into their proper category.
The program is broken down into three categories as listed below:

  • Novice Attained age of 9 but less than 19. (handicapped by a score less than 78)
  • Junior Attained age of 9 but less than 19 (handicapped by a score of 78 but less than 88)
  • Pro Attained age of 9 but less than 19. handicapped by a score of 88 or more)

If a participant shoots a score at one of the events which is equal to or greater than the minimum score of the next category he/she will be advanced to the next category for the next shoot.
If a participant shoots two consecutive scores lower than the category in which he/she has been placed he/she may request a reduction to the next lower category. The request will be reviewed by the handicap committee.
The category in which the shooter participates at their last event shot will be the category used to classify the shooter for all series-end awards.
The handicap yardage classification for each category will be as follows:

  • Novice 19
  • Junior 21
  • Pro 24

If a shooter shoots a combined singles and handicap score of 95 or better at a shoot in the series, that shooter will be further handicapped an additional yard at the next shoot. In no instance shall a shooter be handicapped further than the 27 yard line. If not already there, a shooter who is younger than 19 and shoots a score of 95 or better will also advance to the Pro category.

The handicap committee has the final say as to which category a shooter will be placed.
Prizes and Awards
Day prizes will be awarded at the end of each shoot. The prizes will be those provided by the prize committee. Each category, Novice, Junior and Pro, will receive a first, second and third place award.
Series awards for the series end will be awarded to each category for first, second and third place. These awards will be determined by using the highest three scores of eight, using both the singles and handicap scores combined.
In addition to the first, second and third place awards for combined scores, there will be an award for the high handicap in each category. The score for this award will also be ranked by using the highest three scores of the eight shoots. If a shooter has both the high overall score and the high handicap score by using three of eight scores he/she will choose one of the two prizes leaving the other award to the next shooter.
If there is a tie in any category for first place, the handicap scores will be used to break the tie. If both shooters have identical singles and handicap scores the shooters will hold a ten-across shootoff from their handicap yardage to determine the winner. This will continue until one shooter prevails.

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