May Update

Hello All
Well I have bad news again.  It seems like we’re having quite a time with this Corona Virus thing and the Governor is keeping us all shut down.  Soooo, I am having to cancel our High Desert Junior Shooters, 5-Star, shoot scheduled for May 16th.  As of now, we’re still planning to have the June shoot which will be on June 6th.  Hopefully all this will get past us by then and we can come out and have a really nice shoot in Barstow. 
As of right now, I’m planning the postponed shoots to be a single shoot on July 11th.  This is the shoot that we will be giving out year end awards and all the prizes.  I’m really hoping that all of you can come out on that one.  It will again be held in Barstow.  So Barstow will host two consecutive shoots, June and July.  Lets all pray that we get over this pandemic and can get back to our lives.  I hope you’re all being good and staying at home to get it over with sooner.
If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.  By the internet, not by shotgun.

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